Tiffany’s Story

Tiffany was born on December 8, 1982. She was a joy and delight to her parents Gary and Kathryn. Her smile was like the sun, warm and bright, she loved to please and make everyone around her happy. She was a special gift from God to her family.

At 3 years of age Tiffany began attending church with her mother at Calvary Chapel of the High Desert. Within several months she was instrumental in bringing her father to the Lord with her sweet songs of praise and her love of Jesus.

Her favorite Bible story was Jonah and the whale; she would ask her daddy to read it over and over. Tiffany attended Yucca Loma Elementary School in Apple Valley, CA where she was an “A” student adored by her teachers. Her 1st grade teacher Mrs. Snyder wrote, “Tiffany is a sweet little one, a fine citizen and a hard worker. She is always willing to help others. It is a privilege to have her in our class.” She excelled in writing and received many Principals Writing Awards for her creative stories.

Tiffany enjoyed dancing, tap and ballet; she did several performances at Victor Valley College and The San Bernardino County Fair with Dancetime Studio in Victorville, CA. She also belonged to a theater troupe the Alleluia Players where she furthered the gospel message through dramatic presentations. She loved to lend a helping hand and volunteered her time with Christian ministries during her youth.

Tiffany was tenderhearted toward animals, especially cats, she loved to rescue them from shelters. She became mommy’s little helper when her baby brother Jeremiah Daniel was born in 1989. She loved and had a special relationship with her older brother Gary, who preceded her in death in 2002.

In 1996, due to her father’s work, Tiffany moved with her family to Cedar City, Utah. There she attended Christian School and taught Sunday School to younger children at Cedar Christian Fellowship. She also attended and volunteered in the Awana’s program.

She met and married Brian Hill in 1999; they had three children, Haley Dawn in 2000, Garret Allan in 2001 and Brooklynn in 2003. Garret was placed for adoption with a loving Christian family at birth. This was an unselfish decision Tiffany was very proud of. Tiffany believed with all her heart that God had selected Jim and Kelly Oke especially for Garret. She loved her children very much and wanted only the very best for them.

Brian and Tiffany separated in 2005. Due to her struggle with depression and emotional problems Haley and Brooklynn remained with Brian, shortly after Tiffany moved back to California to live with her parents. Her life was not easy due to her illness, she suffered emotional pain and heartache. Before her passing, she was taking steps in the right direction. She was living at home, going to counseling, attending celebrate recovery and making an effort to get her life back on track. She desperately wanted to be part of her daughters life’s again, nevertheless, it was difficult for her.

We are comforted by her recent prayer journal entry:
“Dear Lord Jesus, I love you, Lord Jesus. Please forgive me of all my many sins. You say in your Holy Word, ‘If I confess with my mouth you will be faithful and just to forgive me, (Tiffany), of all unrighteousness.’ “

She loved and was thankful to her parents expressed in this thank you note written a few months before she died:
“I am so grateful to God for giving me such wonderful parents! You both have and are always there for me through
thick and thin and I could never put in words or repay you for all you have done. Most of all, I am thankful that you
raised me to love the Lord. By doing that you saved my soul from eternal hell, instead I will be in heaven with you
and (hopefully) the rest of our family tree…. I love both of you with all my heart. Love, Tiffany”

A poem was written for Tiffany by her mother to encourage her and give her hope; over the years it was misplaced although Kathryn was able to recall the last line,
My Bright and Shining Star
My Tiffany that’s who you are….