grace-allianceGrace Alliance provides simple and innovative Christian mental health resources and programs for families and individuals experiencing mental health challenges and equips the Body of Christ with active community support and leadership tools. 

fresh-hopeFresh Hope is a non-profit organization which is made up of an international network of Christian mental health peer to peer support groups. Churches and Ministries sponsor the groups and the facilitators of the groups are certified by the international Fresh Hope office. Fresh Hope groups are also online. Plus, Fresh Hope provides all kinds of free resources online: videos, podcasts, free e-books which empower those who have a mental health diagnosis along with their loved ones to live well in spite of the mental health challenges they face. 

saddleback church hopeClick Here for the Hope for Mental Health Starter Kit– To help churches start a mental health ministry

Author of a memoir about psychiatric hospitalizations and her faith, Katie Dale is no stranger to the storms of serious mental illness. She advocates online at for Serious Brain Disorders, blogging, speaking, and sharing her story with others wherever she can. When she’s not doing that, she’s getting creative in her freelance business. She’s mom to one child on earth and one in heaven, wife to her hero in uniform, and currently resides in Florida.

“Whether you are a person caring for a loved one that has a mental illness, or a person who struggles with their own mental health condition, or both, my mission is this:

To bring to light the many aspects of those pieces of life that we don’t yet have the answers to, or have found answers to and want to share! There is hope. Let’s be bold and brave. And real.”

Church and Mental Health – offers a healthy approach to mental health in the Church by providing resources and programs to help churches connect with members who are experiencing a mental health issue. The website provides free resources for churches including The Church Assistance Program.